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Should I choose a lanyard manufacturer when wholesale lanyar

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  Many lanyard sellers are entangled in how to purchase goods. It is easy to be pitted when going to the wholesale market and the price is high, but they don’t know whether to find a lanyard manufacturer for direct wholesale.

  But all in all, as long as the source of the goods is involved, the source must be the lanyard manufacturer.

  Most of the supply in the wholesale market comes from the list of lanyard manufacturers, and there are also many powerful ones who have completed the accumulation and set up their own factories or the orders are large enough to cost the factories. The purpose is to reduce costs and increase profit margins.

  This is a simplified hierarchical relationship, not including the possible distribution in the middle. For example, there are a lot of cross-border goods in the same market.


  Although order production or lanyard manufacturers can achieve the lowest cost, there is a certain amount of demand, but this is normal for general physical lanyard shops or e-commerce sales. The wholesale market can deliver bulk goods and not so many lanyard practitioners know the factory resources. These two points are important reasons why lanyard wholesale stalls can survive so well.

  Where do the goods in the wholesale market come from? Most of them are lanyard manufacturers, and most of the stalls do not have the ability to design and produce by themselves. It is easy for the entire market to be available, and the offline wholesale points are also The basic styles are almost the same, even a scan of Taobao has it, maybe it is cheaper than your approved price. It’s hard for you to do this for physical shopkeepers.

  Therefore, to do a good job in the lanyard business, you must find the source of the goods: high-quality lanyard manufacturers, either brand OEMs or foreign trade.

  Although there is definitely a quantity requirement to get goods from lanyard manufacturers, the most important thing is that high-quality lanyard manufacturers can keep up with the pace of the market, especially some mid-to-high-end brand OEMs, the quality is very good, and the price is low , Will generate enough profit margins.

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