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screen printed lanyard


In addition to the above three processes, we can also customize other processes, such as: weaving marks, offset printing, embroidery, hot drilling, etc

Professional design team to meet your personalized needs

Provide logo files, free design typesetting, to create your own custom hanging rope


It is suggested to provide CDR / PDF / PSD documents


Dongguan Chunhui Gift Co., Ltd. is located in Humen Town, Dongguan City, which is a famous fabric manufacturing capital in China. It is an early, experienced, advanced technology and excellent reputation manufacturer engaged in mobile phone hanging rope and work card hanging rope. It is a professional heat transfer printing production and processing and heat transfer equipment supplier integrating research and development, production, customization and sales。

Specialized in the design and customization of reflective hanging rope, environmental protection hanging rope, wine cup hanging rope, bottle opener hanging rope, hat hanging rope, exhibition hanging rope, brand hanging rope, diving material hanging rope, wristband hanging rope, water bottle hanging rope, solar energy hanging rope, special hanging rope. The production process includes, heat transfer printing technology, nylon technology, jacquard technology, etc., which can fully meet your customized needs。

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